Introducing Market Ready + by John L. Scott.

To help you receive top dollar for your home sale, John L. Scott is offering to cover the upfront cost of renovations including painting, flooring, landscaping, and more! The best part of this program is you don’t have to spend any cash out of pocket!

We offer two options for this program. Option A gives you the ability to pick and choose your own contractors who will do the work and John L. Scott will pay them directly. Option B gives you the ultimate convenience. John L. Scott enlists the help of our own contracting team to take on any renovations necessary.

When the house sells, we will collect our advance at closing from your net proceeds. There is no interest and no fees associated with our program. We also have the option to finance the cost if that is more appealing. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this great program and maximize your profits contact me for a consultation.