Alex Nakamoto

Real Estate Broker


As a John L. Scott broker, my mission is transactional excellence and client satisfaction. That means I work tirelessly to make your home buying or selling process as efficient, stress-free and lucrative for you as possible.

Meet Alex

Hi I’m Alex Nakamoto your local real estate specialist. I was born and raised in Oahu, HI and made my way to the PNW in 2010. I studied at the University of Oregon and moved to Seattle to pursue my dreams of a successful career. My parents instilled in me at a very young age to treat others with kindness and respect and to always give 100% at everything I do. I continue to hold these values closely and live by them in my professional career.

I am passionate about the real estate industry and have a strong dedication to service. I ensure you that when working with me I will provide an exceptional experience and will work tirelessly to achieve your goals. My goal is to create lasting relationships with each of my clients and provide service beyond the sale.

During my leisure, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, my wonderful wife, JC, and our dogs, Chloe and Miso. I am an avid sports fan and love discussing the days top headlines. Should you ever need a workout buddy you can bet I’d be happy to accompany you. Exercising and lifting weights are addictions of mine! I appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about buying or selling a home and look forward to making your goals a reality. Thank you!

Meet Martina

Im Martina Bui (mar-tee-nuh boo-ee) a real estate broker in the Seattle and Greater Seattle areas. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and attended Washington State University. Go cougs!

Aa first-generation growing up in the U.S. and having that opportunity to attend college in America, get a degree, and find a stable-paying job, some may not understand why I decided to go down the real estate route. Ever since I was in middle school, real estate has always held a strong interest consistently in me. To my interest in a home’s architecture, exterior and interior, wanting a profession that works with the majority of the community, the investing sides of real estate, the development sides of it, and more!

Wn the pandemic hit in 2020, it truly made me realize how precious life and time is. Do what you love even if there are risks and instability involved because if you really want something that bad and are passionate about it, things will always workout in the end. I take this ambition into everything I do! Being in a position that serves the Washington community in the most costly purchase of their life is extremely important to me and I take that responsibility with my full attention. A transaction that leads to one's protection, security, ease, financial benefits, and where memories are most created! After graduating college in May 2022, I began pursuing my career as a realtor. I am so thrilled to begin working in this wonderfully hardworking and rewarding career alongside Alex Nakamoto’s Real Estate Group.

Therefore, as your agent and friend I guarantee you working with me will be professional, efficient, and fun! I will truly appreciate every opportunity given to me to work for you and every connection made.